Nadinola Bleaching Cream

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Throughout history, people have learned in schools that racism became a predominant concept that dated back in the 1600s. The Native Americans were slowly being swept away and stripped off their land by European settlers. In God’s name, the Europeans justified their actions to further eliminate the natives. Eventually, labor costs increased and settlers began to enslave people, especially African Americans. As time progresses, things began to change as slavery was abolished during Lincoln's presidency. However, the attitude of the West towards non whites have been coarse. Though it is not as evident today, the ideology that a color is far more superior than other still exist. An advertisement by Nadinola promotes a bleaching cream in which they utilize African American actors. In the middle, an African American women is portrayed in the middle smiling with lipstick on and on her left side, it is an African American man that admires and adores her. Underneath this image, is text that advocates for the benefit of this bleaching cream. …show more content…

In a time where mass communication is a small feat, this Nadinola Bleaching Cream uses subconscious techniques to perpetuate blatant racism, female dependency on their male counterpart, and targets the unchanging female beauty

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