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INTERNSHIP REPORT NADRA NATIONAL DATABASE AND REGISTRATION AUTHORITY PAKISTAN [pic] Submitted by: Name: MUHAMMAD ASIF Institute: CECOS UNIVERSITY (IMIS) Registration: CUP/BBA-00727-06 Mailing Address: Contact: +92334-737-7595 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all I am very thankful to Almighty ALLAH the beneficent, the merciful, whose blessing to have the rich fruit of modest efforts in the form of this write up. I offer my humblest thanks from deepest core of my heart to NADRA Staff who really are proved as a torch of guidance and knowledge for me in preparation of my Internship Report. It is hard to find words of…show more content…
NDO has been established with the objective of introducing a new, a registration system for the entire population of Pakistan. Culminating among other things is the issuance of state of the art NICs to all adult citizens of Pakistan. These NICs shall be duly backed by the computerized database and data warehouse respectively called the Citizens Database and National Data Warehouse (NDW). The concept was initially developed to held government in implementing a facts based system of good governance in the country encountering evils of undocumented population growth. Since 1998, NDO has worked for the creation of a comprehensive Citizens Database by the new millennium. Several thousand army and civil staff have been appointed to share the great responsibility of data collection on experts designed National Data Forms (NDFs). These NDFs were shifted to NADRA in Islamabad for sifting, scanning, data entry and warehouse. This sharing of the great responsibility of national building transforms NDO into NADRA, an independent, autonomous body free of political pressure by February 2000. 3) NADRA AS A MULTINATIONAL ORG NADRA is now playing role as a multinational organization as it has diversified its NRCs in many countries of the world.NADRA intends to facilitate its overseas national by establishing its branches in different states of the globe. NADRA has recently establish three NRCs in united Kingdom, One in Saudi Arabia, Two in
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