Narrative Analysis : ' Frame ' An Epistle '

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Claudia Emerson 's "Frame, An Epistle" touches the hearts of many individuals, reminding them about missed opportunities in relationships gone bye. Emerson is able to evoke people to reminisce on their personal lives through the words she explicitly writes, the traditional values she portrays, and the direct phrases presented throughout the entire pice. As the poem develops the reader can come to the conclusion that they need to treasure the time they have with the people they truly care about. Emerson starts the poem off with a list of items that where hand made by someone that the speaker has a close relationship with. The speaker explains that they gave away most of the gifts to people who would enjoy them and never know the hours invested into them, except for a mirror surrounded by a hand carved wood frame. Then the speakers starts to describe the mirror and how the reflection allowed the mirror to stay in the speakers position; explaining that the reflective surface makes the mirror a backward window. Finally, the speaker depicts a time when they did notice the mirror, not because of the reflection, but darkening wood that the frame is made of, where Emerson reveals the theme of the poem. As the reader first works through the poem they are able to distinguish the direct structure of a formal letter wittier by the speaker. The reader can make an induction about the speaker 's and the craftsman 's relationship based off of how the speaker presents the mirror 's
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