Narrative Essay About Deja Vu

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Unraveling Déjà Vu
Because of scientists, humanity took a few strides towards answering some mysteries in the world, but it also came up with new mysteries. We are curious beings, always demanding for answers to the things we do not know so we try to see the potential of our curiosity by challenging ourselves with questions. On the other hand, discovering something is not just about advancement but to understand something deeply which will gradually grow into insight. With the desire to see what this world can offer, discoverers are born.
As a curious person, I want to unravel many things, but déjà vu is the one that piqued my interest the most because it often occurs to me and to the people I know. I am also bothered because there are explanations that déjà vu is a part of reincarnation. …show more content…

There’s this occurring sensation which feels like something already happened. Whenever we meet new people, we feel a strange connection with them. There’s this person who I often see in school, his face is oddly familiar so there’s something bothering me that I have known him before. It is as if a connection has been established but I cannot point it out exactly. There’s this another experience where I went to my cousin’s funeral. I looked at the landscape of the cemetery and it was déjà vu. I was just standing there stunned for a mere second. During that time, my mind was fogged and it’s like two worlds collided and time stopped.
Through years, scientists and psychologists develop cognitive tests to challenge the human brain because it is the most complex organ in our body. It can even make us feel deja vu. For the most intriguing part, déjà vu is being shrugged because it is just thought of as a ‘mere sensation’. Déjà vu may be more than that for some people experience déjà vu and they have a feeling that their brain is letting them see their

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