Narrative Essay About Fishing Research Paper

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“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again…” “You want to go fishing?” my friend asked as I pulled into his driveway. After a minute I said, “Sure. When are we going?” We agreed upon going early the next morning. While we were waiting on the next morning to come, we got everything we needed for the next day ready. The day was long, but it soon became dark. After waking up to the annoying humming of the microwave and the smell of bacon, we got ready for our day of fishing. I gathered the fishing poles, and my friend grabbed the tackle box and made sure we had everything we needed. His mom, who was taking us, was ready for work and we were ready to go fishing. She dropped us off at the pond and we rapidly got into his granddad's truck and set out. We spent three long hours fishing, and …show more content…

I was reeling my pole in and I felt a bite. I waited a few more seconds and felt another bite. I set the hook and began to reel. This fish was putting up a huge fight. I thought for sure he was going to break the line. I reeled him in and it was a great big bass. He was a large mouth bass and weighed over 12 pounds. After I caught that fish, the day just got better and better. I kept pulling in bass left and right.
After a few more hours of pulling in fish, we took a break and went to the gas station right down the road. Both of us bought a Coke and a Kit Kat. We stood around in the cool air of the gas station drinking our Cokes and eating our Kit Kats. After we got done with our brief intermission, we went back to fishing.
When we got to the pond, we noticed a monster sized fish in the water. I made a goal for myself that day. I said, “I am going to catch that fish even if I have to stay here all day!” We tried many different baits and lures to get that fish. As the day went on, we caught many small fish but not the monster fish we so badly wanted. After the clock hit 5:00 o clock we thought that we would never catch that

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