Negative Effects Of Cell Phones

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In this day and age, more than half of the world's population owns and uses cell phones. It is a well-known fact that cell phones emit low doses of radiation each time one is used, however, people tend to brush it off and not think about the long-term effects it may have. It's only small doses, what harm can come from it? That is a question us cell phone users may ask ourselves, yet never really look into or research. Maybe it's because we choose not to know the actual truth and just focus on the benefits of having the technology to call anyone and look up anything you might want to know. Or maybe there really aren't any harmful effects on the body from cell phone usage. What many users are unaware of is that our cell phones emit the most…show more content…
You may have your eyes on the road but your brain and focus are directed more towards the conversation you're having. Thus, if something were to happen the reaction time would be a lot slower than it would have been if you would have had your full attention on the road. In addition, reaction times are also slower in face to face conversations if one or both persons are simultaneously using their cell phones. It's not easy to multitask between the two. Cellular devices do cause a change in sleep patterns if you think about it. Many younger people stay up all night using social media or other types of applications they have installed. If you stay up all night you're most likely going to wind up sleeping all day. Nonetheless, there is no scientific proof stating that cell phones cause any harmful effects on the body over time, but there are numerous studies that have been conducted to prove this theory. Many results were either inconclusive or contradicted the results from a different study that had been done. "Researchers have investigated whether these low-intensity radio waves influence the central nervous system and cognitive performance. A few studies concluded that cell phone exposure enhanced certain aspects of cognitive performance as measured by reaction time and accuracy; others showed no difference, and a few, including a very recent investigation, showed that such exposure had detrimental effects in specific contexts such

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