Negative Influence Of Cellphones

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Cellphones are the key to companies advertisements. It is very difficult to find a teenager who does not have a smart phone. There are so many different things that cellphones are used for such as shopping, social media, and schoolwork. More often than not companies can track the things a person searches and continue to bring those things up in the feed of social media. You can tell everything about a person by what they have on their phone. The two kinds of ads out there are the ones that describe you and that have no effect on you. Issues come about extremely often because of the persistence of the companies and their advertisements. Throughout school I have seen many examples of this in my classmates, family, and my own life.
To begin, we have spent every year ever since 6th grade with the same 100 people and some even longer then that. With spending that much time with the same people you get to know them quite well. Over the years everyone has changed, some for the good and others for the bad. Advertisements that pop up on their can show the things they have been searching and can say so much about a person. Do you really know a person until you know too much about them? For instance, if you were to take to cellphone of a classmate would it surprise you the types of advertisements are on their social media accounts? The ability to maintain your same self in all activities you're involved in is and extremely rare and great quality. Learning to read someones social

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