Negative Effects Of Cell Phones For Children

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Cell phones are not beneficial for kids It is not something strange or out of the ordinary if you see a young teenager and even little, still undeveloped kids nowadays having a cell phone device attached, like if someone had put glue on the back of the case, to their dominant hand. This new generation of kids had been badly influenced by this tendency of having a mobile, iPad, or tablet device with them all the time. This dependence can create a long-term damage to the life of the individual, even worse if the person starts using it at an early age. People, especially parents, do not realize how harmful it can be to give a personal cellular device to a kid that has not reached middle school yet. Parents are giving a powerful artifact to a kid that is still in an early phase of development, of understanding your surroundings and knowing the beautiful experience of playing in the park and making new friends. Parents are taking away that childhood experience from their children, making them instead focus all their attention and time in a shiny screen with icons and buttons. The fact that kids prefer to stay at home playing with games on their phones or tablets and texting, and in my own sincere opinion, it´s a miserable way on wasting your unrecoverable years of childhood. I personally admire the types of parents that treat and teach their children the same way they were taught and treated by their parents. Dan Simmons once said: “When we are old and failing, it is the
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