Negotiation Skills

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Island Cruise Report Introduction. Nowadays, in any business environment and real life situations, all the time, people have to deal something. The Island Cruise exercise mainly discuss about a negotiation about a cruise ship to gain the right to visit a tropical island. At the first sight, it looks so simple, but the Capitan Stuart Bing, in order to promote the cruise’s trips, seems very interest to disembark in the “Tropical Island” at any price. In the other side, the island’s Major Gil Egan wants to preserve the cultural and ecologic equilibrium of the island and its population. This report is going to be explained the main negotiation’s issues, the kind of negotiation in this case, characters’ strategies, and possible tactics…show more content…
Kind of Negotiation. Definitely, the kind of Negotiation in this case is Integrative Bargaining. The Capitan and the Major are involved in a negotiating process in which both parties strive to integrate their interests, as effectively as possible in the final agreement to have the right to visit the Tropical Island. The elements to support that is an Integrative Bargaining are: Both parties are seeking a Continuing long-term relationship of 6-years contract, The Capitan and the Major share interests and worries with each other and both parties want options per issue to maximize mutual gains or reduce the negative impact of any negotiation’s issue; the Capitan and the Major will sign the contract only if they concerns will be satisfied (win-win objective). Characters’ Strategies Capitan Stuart Bing. The steadily poor economy, terrorism and massive diseases are affecting the Cruise Trips’ finance. In order to reactive the promotion of the vacations trips, Island Queen leading by the Capitan wants to add an exotic tropical island in its schedule. Capitan Stu seems very interest to disembark in the “Tropical Island” at any cost; they are pushing up on Major Gil’s acceptance to get the right to disembark there. The main strategy to gain Capitan’s objective is arguing Island Queen has the wealthy clientele offering to the Tropical Island greater income per tourist than any line else. Major Gil Egan. The Tropical Island’s major
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