Netherlands and Densely Populated Countries Essay

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The Netherlands

The Netherlands, officially Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a constitutional monarchy located in Northwest Europe. The Netherlands Antilles is part of the state and consists of islands in the Caribbean. The Netherlands is often called Holland after a historic region, part of the present day nation. The country is bounded on the North and West by the North Sea, on the East by Germany, and on the South by Belgium. Land is scarce in the Netherlands and is fully exploited. The natural landscapes have been altered over the centuries. The average January temperature is 35 degrees F and the mean July temperature is 63 degrees F. The Netherlands was considered to be lacking in natural resources. Salt is produced and in
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Most firms are privately owned even though the government distributes about 40% of the Dutch national income. From 1965 to 1980, the gross domestic product of the Netherlands grew at an average yearly rate of 3.8%, about equal to that of neighboring countries of continental Europe. Between 1980 and 1992, the GDP increased by only 2.3% annually. About 23% of the GDP is produced by manufacturing and energy related activities; about 16% by trade; about 9% by public utilities, transportation, and communications; 6% by construction; 4% by agriculture; and 42% by the service sector. The annual gross national product in the early 1990's was about $20,480. The Dutch currency unit is the guilder, or gulden (1.89 guilders equal a U.S. $1, 1998). As of January 1, 1999, the Netherlands adopted the Euro, the common currency of the European Union, at a fixed conversion rate of 2.20371 guilders to one Euro. De Nedelandsche Bank, the Dutch central bank, is a full participant in the European System of central banks. Amsterdam is the leading center of Dutch banking and insurance and the home of the country's principal stock exchange.
The Dutch economy is fully open to world trade. Much of the flow of goods into its ports is intended for transshipment to other countries, mainly members of the EU. Major
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