Neutrogena's Leadership: Vision, Mission, Value , and Swot Analyses Alignment with Jnj

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Neutrogena’s Leadership: Johnson and Johnson’s “Our Credo” is Our Commitment

Thiri Zin

Argosy University


Neutrogena commitment to and align with Johnson and Johnson’s Credo is through effective communication from management. Strategy comprehension and community cooperation heavily rely on Leadership’s transparency and transfer of pivotal knowledge. This report analyzes the vision, mission, values and strategy of Neutrogena and Our Credo; Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT), internal processes, implementation timeliness and leadership roles. This report will help identify misalignment between the parent
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The strategies are base in development and distribution of quality good; with emphasis servicing Dermatologist and consumers. Our Credo is Our Commitment that shapes our business strategies: “Human Health Care, Managed for the Long Term, Decentralized Management Approach, and Our People and Values” (“Our Commitment,” n.d.). The strategies focus on the fundamentals of well-being of humanity; our commitments are to the well-being of healthcare professional, our consumers, our employees, our clients, our vendors and especially our families.

Strategic Cascade – Our Commitment to Efficiently Communicate

Competitive Advantage is achieve through change, modification, revision and the willingness to change to the way we conduct business while preserving Our Commitments. How can we do something differently, better, faster, and cheaper to maintain competitive advantage? Strategic cascade is simply to “break down the objectives into smaller chunks for the next organizational level” (Flander, n.d.). Our objectives will align with our strategies through collaboration efforts, transparency and effective communication between Leadership, management, cross-functional teams, and between

Our Strategic Positioning

It is Our Commitment to excel in the four areas defined in Our Credo, “Creating Value through Innovation, Global Research/Local
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