New Belgium Brewing Company 's Social Responsibility Practices Essay

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The New Belgium Brewing Company was founded by Kim Jordan and Jeff Lebesch in 1991. The idea for the company was by Lebesch when he was on a bicycling trip through Belgium. Since then, the company has grown steadily. According to the New Belgium Brewing Company, in 2015 New Belgium Brewing sold 914,000 barrels of beer and they are the fourth largest craft brewery as defined by the Brewers Association (New Belgium Brewing Company). This paper will mainly discuss the New Belgium Brewing Company’s social responsibility practices. Firstly, the environmental issues they work to address will be addressed, how New Belgium Brewing has taken a strategic approach to addressing these issues, and why the company has taken such a strong stance toward sustainability. Secondly, the company focuses on social responsibility and how it provides a key competitive advantage. Finally, the New Belgium Brewing Company is a socially responsible corporation.
The New Belgium Brewing Company strives to reduce its impact on the environment by doing multiple things. First, the company has implemented a number of cost-efficient and energy-saving alternatives. According to the company, 100% of the electricity that they use are through renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. They incorporated sun tubes that help to light the brew house with natural daylight. Also, the company became the country’s first brewery to create 100% of its electricity from wind power in 1999 in

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