New Technology And Advanced Communication Options Essay

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The advents of new technology and advanced communication options have changed the way in which meeting planners construct business meetings over the past several years. There are many positive impacts brought about by technology; however, we cannot ignore the adverse impact that accompanies the use of technology in meeting planning. The use of Internet and social media has helped meeting planners to shift some work to attendees, which can make attendees feel more engaged. For instance, registrants at South by Southwest’s event are able to choose panelists by using social space. Another way business meeting planner help the attendees to engage is by placing prizes at specific locations and post pictures on social media platform. When attendees find the prizes, they will feel good, but also, it is an important technique for meeting planners to use when they need more traffic at certain locations (O’Brien, 2014). Social media has also made the marketing process easier and cheaper for meeting planners. It creates buzz and develops interest before the meeting without having business owners paying a lot to market (“How has today’s technology changed…”, 2016). Also, meeting planners do not have to worry that attendees cannot find the products they are interested in and having difficulties find certain spots when they put data personalization into use. Beacon technology is one of the examples that incorporate big data that could detect attendees’ mobile devices and send related

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