New World Artifacts

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Artifacts can come in all different shapes and sizes. In the case of the artifacts present in the Cobb Museum, it is clear that the smaller artifacts tend to be on the New World side while the larger objects tend to be on the Old World side. New World artifacts tend to be relatively small in size. The largest objects were pottery objects, and those themselves were not more than a foot tall. The smallest objects were arrow heads, some a mere inch tall and some several inches tall. In contrary, the artifacts of the Old World tended to be quite larger in size. Artifacts such as the Moabite Stone, sarcophagus of Eshmunazar, King Amenehotep II statue, the Roseta Stone, and the Code of Hammurabi were all enormous artifact, ranging from about three feet to over eight feet tall. …show more content…

There are smaller objects on the Old World side as well, such as the three small mummies and some various beakers and pots, but as a whole the objects tended to be large especially in comparison to New World

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