Non-Denominational Christian Ministry: Young Life

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Young Life is an organization that is very near and dear to my heart and one that I believe has had a huge impact on my life personally. So, what is it? Young Life is “a non-denominational Christian ministry group that reaches out to young kids through volunteers, staff, club meetings, and camps by building meaningful relationships” ( There are multiple branches of ministry that includes everything from college students through middle school, all the way to ones in other countries. They are accepting of absolutely every walk of life, through Young Lives which helps young girls that are pregnant raising their own children, to Capernaum which helps youths with mental or physical disabilities. The idea behind it is to have a ministry …show more content…

All the volunteers and staff members were just being themselves. That is exactly what you must do at something like this, just let yourself go. Absolutely no one there will judge you for your poor dance moves unlike any typical prom. Just have fun! Throughout the prom, I began to get to know some of the kids and had absolutely the best time. It was through a physical form of communication, dancing, that we could best understand these kids. Verbal communication isn’t always the solution and that is what the staff taught us. One instance that made me proud to be volunteering with Young Life was when one of the high schoolers got upset that his girlfriend danced with someone else. I began to see signs of him being upset and watched as he talked on the phone and sprinted out of the room. I was the only person who saw so I had to run after him. When I ran outside I luckily saw multiple staff members and I alerted them that I needed help. They were so well equipped to handle situations like that and kept something bad from happening. I had a similar situation happen through another volunteer program, where an upset kid ran out on me and escaped from the building where no one was around. I could not get him under control and frantically looked for help as he continued to try and run away. I had to bear hug him to keep from running into the street, something that was very scary for me given he was a full-grown man. It was …show more content…

Through Young Life I was able to understand how much communication matters in the physical and verbal form. Especially in the case of Capernaum, I realized how much communication such as body language plays a roll. If you stand there with an off-putting, closed out stance, then the children will not feel comfortable approaching you at all. But, if you stand there with a smile on your face, open and dancing to the music then everyone wants to be your friend. The same applies to any situation, whether it involves a class speech or helping your community. When it comes to a persuasion speech these concepts really play a roll even more since you are trying to convince someone to agree with you. Through my volunteer work, I tried my best to construct my speech to have these aspects and be as open to my audience as possible. I didn’t want to make it a speech purely about facts, but real life experiences that I had so that others can relate. Proper communication skills are necessary in supporting your community and making an impact. You must be able to understand people to form a connection with them, and that is Young Life’s goal. Through these relationships that they are able to form, they have a drastic impact on their community. If it weren’t for the excellent staff at Capernaum, I would have never realized what I can do through

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