Non Monetary Rewards in the Workplace Essay

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Abstract The following paper was written to discuss Non-Monetary rewards in the workplace. Several websites were researched in order to gather as much info on the subject as possible so that I can present all sides of the subject to you in the most effective manner. For many years employers have been looking for ways to help their employees be more effective and happy with their work, one of the most effective ways to promote a better working environment and to have employees who will work harder to get the job done with speed and quality is to offer non-monetary rewards for their efforts. Introduction: What are Non-Monetary rewards?      Non-monetary rewards are small and mostly non-costly rewards given to…show more content…
4.     The Opportunity to Contribute. - The opportunity to be part of the team. - To work closely with managers and management. - To be involved in key decisions. - To be listened to and heard. 5.     Independence and Autonomy. Employees want to be able to work independently. They do not want someone constantly watching over them and questioning their [pronoun agreement: since the antecedent (someone) is singular, the pronoun (their) must be singular {his or her}] every move. They like to receive their assignments -preferable with the time frame required for completion and then [this is redundant, since "and" and "then" in this application have essentially the same meaning. Use one or the other] have the independence to complete the work given the guidelines and framework you have set on their own merits.” (Recognition Rewards Enterprises, 2003)      Non-monetary rewards in the workplace are a powerful tool in motivating employees towards performance improvement. Giving an employee a gift to show you care about the work he does for you, gives them something to be proud of and to show off as an accomplishment. Often employees will try harder and enjoy doing their work more if they know that their employer respects them and the job they do everyday. Employees will sometimes hold contests to see who can stay accident free the longest or who can receive
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