North Connex Tunnel

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a) Where is the issue located?
The North Connex Project is a nine kilometre underground motorway, beneath Pennant Hills Road, which links the M2 to the M1. This development has been approved for construction due to the issue of traffic congestion for motorists travelling between Sydney and the north coast. The Hills M2 is the motorway connecting Sydney’s north shore and north western regions. Furthermore, the M1 Pacific Motorway links Sydney to the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter regions. The issue of traffic congestion is located in the West Pennant Hills area, where the M2 is, and it extends further up north to the Wahroonga area, to the M1. The development will also affect the suburbs and areas in between and surrounding West Pennant …show more content…

There has been much care and time put into making this project as safe for the environment as possible, and surprisingly the impacts on the environment are quite minimal. The only major environmental impact of the NorthConnex Tunnel is where there has been the clearance of land for the infrastructure needed, and this is likely to have an impact on the flora and fauna in those areas as their habitats are removed. The maps on the following page shows the endangered…vegetation and animal species….. affected by the developments.
Apart from during the construction of the tunnel, the local air quality is expected to improve, as the ventilation stacks are to have an insignificant effect on the air quality as they are being built high enough so that any pollutants are pumped high into the atmosphere. Also, the air quality modelling that has been carried out (figure 4.1) has shown that the human made particulate matter (PM 2.5) is to have a 38% reduction with the NorthConnex Tunnel, in 24 hour average concentrations, by 2029 as shown in the graph below. When the NorthConnex tunnel is in use, there will be a reduction in the exhaust emissions and the fuel usage in the area, as there will be higher average travel speeds than on Pennant Hills Road, a more flat and level road road, and there will be no need to stop and start at traffic lights like the current

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