Northrop Grumman Values

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Northrop Grumman Corporation is one of the largest, American, aerospace and defense technology companies in the world. As of 2015, Northrop Grumman is the 5th largest defense contractor and has reported revenues of over twenty-five billion dollars, making Northrop Grumman number 7 on the Fortune 500 list. With these facts in mind, it should be clear as to just how important Corporate Social Responsibility, Integrity, Diversity, and all the other aspects of Human Resources are to creating and maintaining the visions, strategies, and goals of Northrop Grumman. In order to get a grasp and better understanding of the human point of view of how Human Resources plays itself out in Northrop Grumman, I interviewed Mr. Lu de le Fortrie, one of the…show more content…
Yet, all one has to do is go to any other corporate website on the internet and will find the same generic list of values espoused by Northrop Grumman. This then leads to the question, “does Northrop Grumman practice what it preaches or is it merely corporate lip service?” When Mr. de le Fortrie was interviewed and asked for specific examples, the answer becomes a resounding…show more content…
de le Fortrie’s office, the kind of employee that any manager would be a fool to let go of, but this employee had a habit of posting that he worked nine hours instead of the actual seven. As it is with most evil or immoral things, no one was getting hurt by this little lie and when the allegations were brought to the employee’s manager, a blind eye was turned. After all, the work was getting done, was it not? The truth eventually reached a Business Conduct Officer, Mr. de le Fortrie, from a disgruntled and secret source and in order to maintain and salvage the company’s good name, the hammer had to fall. Mr. de le Fortrie explained to the manager and employee that not only did this act of dishonesty harm Northrop Grumman’s reputation, but it also affected them financially, since the company was obligated to refund the Department of Defense for every faked hour the employee falsely claimed. Based on the recommendation of Mr. de le Fortrie and several other company officers, the employee was eventually terminated from the company and the manager was given a one year letter of concern and required to attend integrity training. Mr. de le Fortrie went on to say that this story underlines the biggest challenge he faces in managing human resources at Northrop Grumman, the challenge of determining peoples’ futures, like he did with the manager and terminated employee. Following up this answer, the interviewer asked, “What is your
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