Not My Wedding Day

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Ned pulled his arm from Lysa Tully's tight grip. "I' sure she's just getting ready." Ned said. "Then why isn't she answering me!" Lysa asked, panic written over her face. Her hands pulling on her blue dress. "Look, I'll go and talk to the grounds keeper about keys. Alright?" Ned tells her before walking off. "Okay, but hurry." The girl says as he turns to leave. Ned walks quickly outside to search for the man. The wedding was to start in five minutes and all the guests had arrived and Brandon was standing in front of the alter with Ben and Edmure waiting for the wedding to start. "Ned! What's going on?" Lyanna yells after him, pulling her dress up revealing the boots she wears under her dress. "Catelyn isn't answering the door and it's locked. So I'm looking for the keeper, have you seen him?" Ned asks. Lyanna just shakes her head, falling very unladylike into the chair. Pulling the skirt of her dress into her lap, sighing as she puts her boots on the table. "So is this happening or not?" Lyanna asks with the dramatics only a seventeen year old could muster. "Of course." Ned says not mustering up much conviction. "Funny. I thought Brandon would be the one with wedding jitters. But I guess if you have so many side projects it isn't as terrifying." Lyanna mutters as she texts someone on her cell phone. Ned growls only slightly and walks away before Lyanna can start interrogating him. Ned can't see anyone outside except for the driver who's leaning against the limi

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