Notes On Stock Market Game

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Name: Vy Tran
Period 2
The dates of the stock market game: 10/23/2014
The due date of the assignment: 01/12/2015
The total amount of money you ended with: $4,931.55
Minus any penalties: $1,000.00= $3,931.55
The number of pages: 9 Part 1: Pages 1 and 2: Personal Experience
After playing through the stock market, I have more experience for playing in the future. Over time I have learned to be patience and intelligence in handling the situation. I have been lost several times but that’s okay because I have learned lessons for the next time. I play the stock through the guidance of the teacher or through information technology such as watching television, reading newspapers or magazines. And I also understand this game
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I understand the feeling of playing the stock market on a large. I feel the tension in the arena, two factors need quickly and skillfully. It is the second most important factor in this game. If you are quickly you will have more benefits than when you do it slowly. Ingenious when you are interested in what you have to know when to buy stocks it will increase your sales and when it dropped you buy. You also need patience to wait for the appropriate time when buying or selling should not be in a rush when playing this game. In the last time I have invested in the company Apple, but I did not succeed because I was not agile, dexterous, and not focus on it. If I play again I will focus more on the stock, and also to use the above factors. I bought shares of Apple because when I bought the company Apple is reduced. And wait until it is sold will increase your interest. After searching for information on your network has learned four basic steps to invest in the stock market: the first step is you have to monitor the evolution of the shares of stock to choose which they want to buy , the next step is a simple step is to accept trading means that you only need to contact the broker and the trader, the third step is the most important step of the investment process is to monitor trading when you monitor and evaluate their investment decisions, the final step is the
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