Nurse Practitioners : The Best Of Both Worlds

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Nurse Practitioners: The Best of Both Worlds Job Description Nurse Practitioners are advance practice registered nurses or ARNPs who provide and coordinate primary or specialty patient care. The duties of a nurse practitioner are usually very extensive but rewarding at the same time. Their duties include: recording patient history, reviewing patient’s symptoms, setting up a plan for patient’s care or adding on to an existing care plan, performing medical exams, diagnose and treat health issues, order diagnostic testing (ex. ultrasound, x-ray, CT & MRI scans, blood work, etc.) and review results, prescribe medications and treatments, consults with physicians (when needed), and conduct research. A nurse practitioner’s scope of practice can vary from state to state. There are no general limits of authority or responsibility legislated for this health care career. The Code of Ethics for nurses are based on nine provisions and statements: provides a concise statement of the ethical values, obligations, and duties of every individual who enters the nursing profession; serves as the profession’s nonnegotiable ethical standard; expresses nursing’s own understanding of its commitment to society. The Code of Ethics is very beneficial in the healthcare environment because it restates the values and commitments of a nurse, identifies limitations of duty and loyalty to the profession, and goes into depth about the obligations a nurse has beyond patient encounters. The Code of Ethics of
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