Nursing: The Personal Theories Of Nursing

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1. Introduction
Nursing theory is the key factor to guide nursing practice to the optimal standards and it is considered the building blocks for rightful clinical application as it promotes evidence-based practice. The theoretical perspective fosters nursing towards positive development. This disquisition will discuss one of the major theories and how it guides clinical practice, development of own personal theories and its impact and overall the significance of nursing theoretical perspective while practicing nursing care.

2. Major theoretical perspective
Since the era of Florence Nightingale till date, various theories, meta-paradigm, model have been developed by various pioneers, specifically in the 1960s a lot of theories were published
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Personal Theory of nursing
It is very likely that nurses or student nurses working in the clinical setting will either go along with the taught theories in their academic years or will find the lacking of existing theories and include their own point of view. Due to the fact that nursing is flourishing widely and the people that come in contact with nurses are from wide range of background one theoretical perspective might not be applicable to all the clients.
3.1 Health
The definition of health is highly influenced by various theories and experience, as Neuman, 2002 stated health as an optimal balance between wellness to illness continuity. Likewise, Roy, 2009 defines health as a status and ability to reflect as an individual and surrounding together. Similarly, Health can be defined not only as a tranquility state maintained in the mind and the body but also the ability to progress toward optimal wellness by interventions such as lifestyle modification, regular screening,
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3.3 Person
All individual that requires the nursing care and intervention either to uplift their health to optimal level or to recover from illness and be back to health.
3.4 Environment
All the components of the surrounding that influences the health of an individual is called environment.

4. Development of personal theory

5. Importance and applicability of theory-guided nursing in general practice
There are a lot of well documented positive outcomes of formulating and utilizing the nursing philosophies as it also helps in the development of nursing models to work efficiently. However, Eraut, 2004 states that it is difficult to incorporate theory learned during academic years into clinical practice during professional years especially due to diversity in backgrounds, ways of learning and culture. Butts & Lundy, 2003; Sellers, 2002 observes that students have a hard time to establish the link between nursing theories and practice due to lack of experience which makes the mentor’s job more challenging.
6. Importance and applicability of theory-guided nursing in own
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