Obesity : Obesity And Obesity

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One of the raising diseases in America today is obesity. In the study of Aston, he found that "In the United States two-thirds of adults and one-third of children are obese and overweight" (Aston, 55). Everyone in America is setting each other up for disaster of several health problems including heart failure, and diabetes. Obesity has been an active and increasing health condition since the Stone Age era, even beyond the Stone Age era. Over the years it has shown that over the past decades Not just the health of oneself but the views of others towards obesity. Obesity happens on all ages, and they 're all at risk. So why are people obese and how can we reduce the amount of adults and children who are overweight? There are many reasons that cause obesity; genetics, amount of food consumed, inactive metabolism, no exercise, overeating and influences by friends or family. What is Obesity? Obesity is where one individual has an indulgent amount of fat (Mayo Clinic On Healthy Weight, P. 21). Obesity is well known to happen by excessive eating and no exercise. Everyone in America tends to overeat because of the proportions served at restaurants are way too large. In other countries, it 's been said that the proportions here in United States are double the size as their plate servings. The reason for excessive eating also because people don 't know how much is too much food, they 're not used to eating less, and they don 't know their correct serving

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