Object Oriented And How It Has Gained Popularity For Cost Reduction And Quality Improvement

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Research Question: Object-oriented (OO) technology in software design and implementation has gained popularity for cost reduction and quality improvement. Research the concept of OO. In 10 pages ( double spaced, 12 point Times Roman font with 1 inch margins ), explain the evolution of OO, how it differs from procedural programming, why it is more cost effective and how it can improve software quality. The research project will be submitted through Turnitin Be sure to locate at least 6 sources to reference. Cite your sources. Abstract This paper is about the evolution of Object-oriented technology in software design and implementation and its role in current market for developing web based products or server side scripting. Many Object-oriented languages have come in market but among them companies prefer to use open source OO languages such as Java, C++, C# .NET, and Visual Basic .NET etc. The demand for these languages has increased because the cost of licensing is very less or nothing. As these languages are open source, it easy to find relevant libraries and source code for the developers while developing a product. The cost of the infrastructure such as development IDE’s or testing tools are also minimal or available for free. Hence all these factors decrease the cost of developing a product using Object-oriented technology. The basic concept of OO language is Objects. An Object is a combination of attributes and behaviors. An object is an entity that contains

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