Issues And Trends Of Software Engineering

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Payalben Hiren Barot
Virginia International University (VIU)
September 16th 2015

Author Note
This paper was prepared for CMP 660 - Issues and Trends in Software Engineering taught by Dr. Hammad Elbedour.

Abstract In the first four questions of this paper, you will get to know about how the organization motivation plan will encourage high job satisfaction, high productivity, high quality work, and low turnover. Also how you should support your team as well the low wage workers. What steps you need to take to please them. Discussion about the attitudes, behaviors, and culture affect team performance. In the fifth question I’ll describe my personal experience about my previous work environment.
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Most employees have weakness in their workspace skills. A training program will improve their skills so that way they will be more comfortable to their job and will give more output. The necessary training provided to the employees will take care of another things we needed in some situation. We do not need to keep anyone for the supervision instead he can do it by him/herself without any help.
Praise and recognition are essential to an outstanding workplace. Employees should get rewarded over the time based on their ability and skills. This way they will motivate to put an extra efforts towards their work and motivate themselves as well others. This motivation will lead the organization towards the success.
2. Determine which motivational technique you would use to support your team. Show the vision of the company to employee
Manager needs to share the organizational vision with all the members of the team. If all the member in the team is aware of the vision of the project, that will lead to the success of the project. Make sure that you continuously concentrate the attention of your staff on the glory of reaching that powerful vision. Talk to the staff
Manager needs to communicate with their staff on a regular basis. He should know the questions and concerns of the each team members. He should conduct the scrum on regular basis so that way he can have a more project

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