Observation Of Shopper Behavior

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Firstly, when observing shopper behaviour, it is critical to understand that customers can not know they are being observed, therefore it doesn’t consciously or unconsciously influence their behaviour. Because if people know they are being watched, they will become more self-awareness, and it may change their behaviour or what they do as a result (Graves 2010, p.72-74). In order to observe how much time customers spent in store and how do they move in store, Myer can use a technological way, such as WiFi. When people going shopping in Myer, they can connect free WiFi in store, and when they leave the store, the WiFi will automatically disconnect. Therefore, it tells how long customers spend in store and it can also track the movements of customers in store. For the customer satisfaction, the manual observation would be better, so that researcher can see objectives body language, and the words they use, their tone of voice, and their facial expression. These can provide a visual indicator of how customer feeling during the shopping (Graves 2010, p.85). To repot these behaviours, Myer can calculate the average time people spent in store, and where is the most visited areas in store. These can answer the questions of how to layout the store, where to put the products in order to get shoppers attention. Moreover, through the observation of customers’ emotion, Myer can understand how to service customer in a better, and how to make customers satisfied. I companied one of my

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