Observation Report About Classroom Observation

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I have visited the Cranbury Presbyterian Nursery School and have observed the classroom in great detail during my last three visits. In this preschool classroom, there are usually 8-10 students present whose ages are from 2 to 2 ½. There are also three adult staff present without including myself. This classroom consists of two rooms which are connected to each other. One room only has a large circle rug and a rectangular table. The other room adjacent to it is slightly larger and contains multiple centers and activity areas, which I will later describe in detail. Bathrooms and sinks are also present in the classroom. And the children have access to a playground with a sandbox outside. For this facilities paper I chose the two…show more content…
And with teacher interaction, the faculty are always warm, supportive, and caring. They show respect towards the children and the children enjoy their company. One of the major things I noticed in this category is adults helping children with social behavior and peers. The teachers does this very well and is always trying to teach the students how to avoid conflict. In this age group children tend to be egocentric and have trouble sharing with their peers so I have seen many instances of children walking over and grabbing an object out of another student 's hand. But when this does happen the teacher immediately notices and then asks them to “use their words” and to practice saying phrases like “Can I play with you please?” By doing so, this helps with their social development since they are learning how to cooperate and resolve conflicts. Their daily routine is also well structured, balanced, and flexible. In order, their schedule consist of arrival and play, morning meeting, small group activity, outside play, snack, large group activity, closing activity/song, and parent pickup. Overall, these aspects of the checklist, along with many others received high rating and are very present in the classroom. However, I noticed a few things that were either absent in the classroom (received a rating of 1) or was satisfactory but could use
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