Ocean Park Analysis

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Question 1 - What is the focus and what are the strategies being employed in the organisation’s marketing program?

1.1 Introduction – Ocean Park’s mission and core values
Ocean Park (“OP”) is the first theme park in Hong Kong and opened in 1977. It is a non-profit making organisation that aims to provide visitors a unique guest experience combining three elements of entertainment, education and conservation. With its long history and distinctive image, it has always been regarded as Hong Kong people’s park. To maximize attendance and improve financial performance, OP has implemented Redevelopment Master Plan (“RMP”) to continuously develop new attraction areas, improve entertainment facilities and introduce new educational program.

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2.1 The Five Cs
Before we assess the appropriateness of OP’s focus and effectiveness of its strategies, we need to understand the dynamic environment in which it operates by carrying out the 5Cs and SWOT analysis.

2.1.1 The Five Cs – Company
Branding and image (Strength)
OP has well-established reputation in the community. It aims to work toward providing distinctive guest experience. Particularly, it has strong commitments to CSR and put emphasis on education and conservation. In 2009, OP is ranked Asia Pacific’s No. 5 Theme Park based on attendance figure, higher than its major competitor, HK Disneyland. This industry recognition is an evidence of OP’s distinctive strength and superior market position.


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