Older Adult 's Beliefs On Aging

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In the last several decades, many have developed different beliefs and perspective on the process of aging. Their view on aging could have been influenced by their own age, gender, time, society, culture, and other countless factors. The purpose of this paper is to explore an older adult’s beliefs on aging by interviewing three people from different age group; an adolescent (ages 14-20), a middle-aged person (ages 45-60), and an older adult (age 70-100 or older). The people I interviewed are Christian (19-years-old African American male), Leroy (60-years-old Caucasian male), and Judy (74 years-old- Caucasian female). The participants were asked to answer six questions regarding of their belief on aging. Each interview lasted for …show more content…

I would not want to be old.’
Middle-aged person (ages 45-60): “No, I wouldn’t say that it that old age in a wonderful time. Unless you have a lot of money and saving then it would be a different story.”
Older adult (age 70-100 or older): “That is a tough question to speak for everyone, but for me I do think old age is a wonderful time. We have already seen and lived it all, and now we can basically do whatever we want. We do not have to worry about anything else but being happy. I get to sit home, volunteer, and do the things that I love.”
Question 4: Respond to this statement: “If people live long enough, they will probably become senile.”
Adolescent (ages 14-20): “True! I believe so but it also depends on their health. If they live a healthy life during their early years, but they their health is poor then they might have dementia or Alzheimer, I think.”
Middle-aged person (ages 45-60): “I disagree with the statement. As people older some might become senile or get mad at the world, but some would not. It depends on their health status and the earlier life they lived.”

Older adult (age 70-100 or older): “No, not necessary, but it depends. I have not experience anything like that and I am pretty healthy for my age. On the other hands, my husband who passed a couple years ago have been diagnosed with many health and a mental problem. My

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