Online Classroom Vs. Traditional Brick And Mortar Classroom

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The first distinction between learning in an online classroom versus that of a traditional brick and mortar classroom is that of time. Students log into their virtual classroom at times of their choosing to learn and complete assignments. The virtual campus that we use has click functions that are set up like a regular classroom. These functions mimic interactions between course facilitators and students in traditional settings. V camp has an announcements section like a bulletin board on a campus. We receive short notices from the facilitator such as reminders, updates to schedules or other need to know information that doesn’t require an email campaign from the faculty. The attend section allows you watch your professor or facilitator deliver the lesson in lecture format. This, in particular, will remind traditional learning students of sitting in a classroom. One thing that is good about a recorded lecture is you can immediately replay a section that you failed to understand and gain the knowledge that you require which may have been missed in a regular classroom setting. The profiles section allows you meet your classmates and see if any live near you to see if you can study together. The discuss section of the program lets you carry on open dialogue with your classmates. Each student is required to answer the same question regarding a section of the course in a certain format and reply to two other classmate’s posts. This requirement allows for a dialogue between

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