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Executive Summary My proposed startup was an online grocery store called “Calorie Counter store”, the targeted customers are those people who health conscious, people who work out regularly are very conscious about what they intake. Another very important niche is the vegans and t the vegetarians. “Calorie Counter Store”, as the name says Introduction In today’s world fitness or more accurately, the idea of fitness is becoming more and more popular. One out of every five Americans are heading to the gym, or at least paying for a membership (Sena, 2016). There is a large population who are unhealthy and overweight looking to shed some weight and exercise and therefore this enormous appetite for getting in shape has put the fitness…show more content…
There already exists quite a bit of competition for this kind of websites. But this market though it is niche, it is not yet saturated. The customer base for this market is increasing and I believe the only way to overcome this problem is to understanding how to be unique and different in the existing marketplace. In order to become unique, first and foremost what needs to be addressed is the content. The as they say the content is king. The website will provide some of the hard to find products to be available in one convenient location. This will automatically help create a customer base. Next the focus will be on a blog for the site. Blogging increases the number of pages for your website which in turn helps create more internal links to the homepage. Therefore blogging helps in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Therefore regular updates on the blog indicates to the customers that website is constantly moderated. Every new content is also rewarded by google by helping the website rank higher on google. Adoption of a good video marketing strategy is also we would like to put our focus on. Especially for some of the products, which do not have a proper advertising online. Creating good videos around the products for sale on the online store is a good way to build an audience without spending fortunes on production. Since this is a new brand targeting a niche, therefore it is also important to stick with it long enough to ensure that it adapts to the
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