Persuasive Essay On Crossfit Training

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Most men and women have started taking physical fitness and health a lot more serious than in past decades. It's fairly obvious with the tremendous growth of fitness centers, weight loss reality TV shows, and exercise groups how important it is for people to look and feel good about themselves. They are ready to do anything to achieve that end goal. From yoga, Pilates, gym, aerobics, Zumba style dance and more, there are many options to choose on the road to fitness, depending on an individual's preferences and long-term goals. To add to a long list of physical activities enjoyed by many, crossfit training enters with a bang. It is a fitness system based on varied exercises and functional movements, that involves several joints at once, typically executed at high intensity. This type of crossfit training is used by many military units, tactical operations teams, and numerous professional athletes around the world who aim to improve their physical condition. Now this type of training is gaining favor with personal trainers and gyms across the world, as they realize its benefits, and utilize crossfit exercises for the benefit of their clients. The execution of the exercises in crossfit training are so varied that it demands the usage and cooperation of a multitude of various muscles and joints in the body. Unlike concentrated exercises carried out…show more content…
It includes the philosophy of "garage gym", which is to defend the idea that an athlete can build a high quality gym in a garage, warehouse or industrial premises, with a bare minimum of equipment, for relatively low cost. With minimal equipment you can develop an elite training regimen based on lifting, throwing, jumping and climbing, typical of crossfit training, which is very difficult to find in a conventional commercial gym, although some gyms are expanding to accommodate this type of equipment and
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