Business Requirements Report

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Bazaar Arts Ceramics Technical Requirements Report (website) Prepared by: Ian Saunders 1100614611 Submission Date 10/11/12 Executive Summary This purpose of this report is to provide an analysis of the business and user requirements for the Bazaar Ceramics website. Bazaar Ceramics has been operating for 20 years and have grown to a point where they need to reach a wider audience in both a sales aspect and an advertising one. The website will provide an avenue for exposure to the international world for advertising purposes and also allow for the sale of items over the internet through an online store. Advertising costs have risen in recent times and is becoming an expensive way to promote their products, the website will…show more content…
re the stock is held (showroom, or one of the remote | |workers locations) | |The system should be able to identify where stock is held (showroom, warehouse or remote workers location) | |Include a privacy policy | |Conduct ecommerce transactions over the internet - credit card orders | |The system must interface with the finance system to record account customers sales | |The producer* should be notified when standard items** are sold out | |The producer* should be notified when standard items** are getting below a predetermined level | |Enable customers to track the delivery of products | |Enable a customer to track the status of their special orders | |Provide 3D images that customers can view and spin around | |Enable customers to place special orders on line (customised production, or made-to-order) | |Automatically email the producer* of the
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