Ontela Picdeck Case Study Essay

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ONTELA PICDECK – Understanding the market place – Assignment 1


1. Based only on the cluster analysis data, which preference related variables are most useful for segment identification and evaluation? Which variables are least useful?
This qualitative research aims in identifying and evaluating the potential customers of PicDeck and determinate a precise target.
The interviewees have been asked to answer questions based on a ranking system from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree). The questions investigate the needs: Q 1, 6 – 9, and interest in this new technology service: Q 2 - 5, as well as the willingness of the interviewees to pay for this service: Q 11 – 13. The cluster method divides the interviewees …show more content…

They are interested in an efficient, fast & easy transfer of their photos. They would like to have and better phone cameras to take shoots of them and their friends all day long. They are looking for the latest technology even if they are price conscious. They still value the service at 7.93 $.

Cluster 4: Traditional & limited users of technology, 16%
Housewife, or middle-class professional in their 40’s. They are not interested in a more efficient transfer and do not think it is currently difficult uploading photos. We could wonder if they already tried it. However, they do are interested in better quality phone cameras as a back-up tool in case they couldn’t use their “real” digital camera. They are not really keen on social networks. The only value they give to the Ontela service is the security: the possibility to save the photos in the computer. In conclusion, because they do not really want the Ontela service, they are not willing to pay a lot for it: 3.90 $

Cluster 5: Traditional but into the world, looking for convenience, 15%
40-60 years old, housewives, professionals or early retired. They are interested in a better quality phone cameras and an easiness of uploading the pictures to send them by email and keep them in a safe place. They are not reluctant in having only once device: Smartphone that shows they are quite open-minded to the innovations. If they are not early adopters,

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