Open Ended Question Paper

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C.E.A.D. Open Ended Question Rubric Used for responding to a prompt that calls for a 1 or 3 paragraph answer. Emerging Proficient Advanced Make a Claim Student makes an attempt at a claim but it is unclear or arbitrary (seems random). The question is not restated and/or while the Claim only answers the question in a general way. The question is restated and the claim answers it specifically, correctly and logically. 1-----2-----3-----4-----5 6---------------7--------------8 9---------------------------10 Use Examples and Cite Evidence Student provides little or no evidence to support the claim One example or piece of evidence are given to support claim Multiple pieces of specific relevant evidence are provided to support Claim …show more content…

There is partial explanation and/or reasoning behind the evidence provided, although it it needs further development or clarity. Analysis and/or explanation is clear and supports the examples. Student explains why the topic is Historically Significant. 1-----2-----3-----4-----5 6---------------7--------------8

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