Opening Of A New Theme Park

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3. Executive Summary:
This case study is conducted on opening of a new theme park in Paris named as Euro Disney. Opening of this theme park resulted in a failure which was due to many reasons which at first includes the cross cultural differences in their operation in America and France. There were problems related to operations and staffing as well.
Policy of Disney for having no alcohol to be served in its hotels and restaurants was having a very bad impact on the French people who cannot have a single bite without the glass of wine. Furthermore, the main problem was related to the chosen town of Paris for the home of park. Although Paris was the perfect city for building the famous park due to its demography but wrong decision it was
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• Not adjusting to societal norms of the country. Like policy of no alcohol in Disneyland Paris.
• Not adjusting for the environmental climate like all of the Disney parks in America are having a warm climate having climates in foreign climates very cold for attracting many visitors in winter for the park.
• There is an issue of affordability like in China, CPP is lower as compared to Hong Kong having an acceptable entry fee.
5. Data Analysis
As analyzed from the case data, Paris was selected for opening new theme park due to its demographics along with subsidies. Around 17 million people of Europe live in areas having drive of less than two hours from Paris. Other 310 million people can reach there is similar or less time. Furthermore, the government of France was having so much eagerness for attracting Disney that $1 billion was offered to the company having diverse incentives having expectation that 30,000 jobs for French people will also be created. From the very start, Disney made cultural mistakes. Then comes mistakes related to operations. Policy of Disney for serving no alcohol in the park besides being changed became the point of astonishment in the country where with lunch, glass of wine is being served as valuable custom. It was thought by Disney that for visitors, Monday is going to be a light day and Friday will be the crowded one and the staff was accordingly allocated but in real, this was not the situation.
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