Operation Moshtarak Essay

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PARTICIPATED in the largest military offensive by NATO troops during Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan, Operation Moshtarak. Assisted in developing relations between Afghan army, Afghan police, political leaders, and local population to establish security and stability in the city of Marjah in Nad Ali District of Helmand Province, Afghanistan. An area of over 120,000 square miles.

PERFORMED joint ground combat operations (foot patrols, raids, checkpoints, vehicle search, and intelligence gathering) along with the Afghan army during counter insurgency operations during Operation Moshtarak. Handled and employed weapons during combat operations in Afghanistan, including M4A1 carbine and 203 grenade launcher.

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Developed relationships with a diverse group of Marines by using affinity, trust, sound judgment, integrity, and the ability to assess personality and interest. Oriented and trained new Marines as part of team and squad members on proper protocol.

PERFORMED QUALITY ASSURANCE to ensure on time completion of proper weapons maintenance and in adherence to military regulations. Assigned shift schedules based on training commitments. Performed the role as first line mediator to resolve squad member issues.

ENFORCED policies and regulations and reported violations while guarding and protecting several military installations at home and abroad. Conducted continuous security checks of facilities and prevented unauthorized access into military installations.

++Performing accurately in preparation for combat operations and in support of Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan.
++Achieving and maintaining combat readiness for a Marine infantry squad and equipment when selected over six peers to become active squad leader.
++Keeping training on task, on time, and in accordance to order specifications by ensuring adherence to deadlines of training

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