Operational Aspects Of The Radiology Department

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Assignment 8


Successful strategic planning is essential for any type of health care organization. As a result, numerous health care executives and planners believe that strategic planning practices in the health care industry are effective and provide the appropriate direction and focus for their health care organization (Zuckerman, 2006). Furthermore, the health care industry is constantly changing and it is essential to develop strategic plans to stay competitive. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to develop a department strategic plan that is intended to enhance the operational aspects of the department for the upcoming year.
Radiology Department: Overview
As the health care leader in the radiology department,
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In addition, the radiology department tends to plan the actions to take in order, to improve the department operations. Furthermore, the strategies will be executed and reassessed to check performance measures (Lexa, 2008). Consequently, it is wise to check the progress in order, to determine if the strategies are working as planned (Lexa, 2008). Overall, strategic planning is well accepted, used regularly, and it integrates well with other management functions (Zuckerman, 2006).
Radiology Department: Mission
The mission of the radiology department is to improve the health of its community (patients) through access to the radiology services offered, enhanced quality of care, and the use of innovative technology.
Radiology Department: Vision
The developed departmental vision for the strategic plan is Quality Care and Innovative Technologies. Overall, the vision is long range, a big stretch, and it is tangible (Zuckerman, 2006). As a result, the radiology department 's vision is to provide quality care using innovative technologies.
Radiology Department: Goal One
The first goal of the strategic plan is to improve access to the radiology services within the organization. Therefore, this goal will be fulfilled by increasing the patients ' access to radiology services from both
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