Operational Level Command And Control Requires Both The

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Operational level command and control requires both the effective execution of mission command and integration of the joint functions. During Operation Husky, the Allies did not have a shared understanding of the mission, did not have a clear understanding of commander’s intent, and did not exhibit mutual trust during the campaign. Disjointed Mission Command repeatedly prevented the Allies from capitalizing on the Allies’ collective combat power.
While the Allied Naval forces came through with incredible logistical accomplishments in the joint function of sustainment, the Allies’ poor execution of movement and maneuver ultimately allowed Germany’s withdraw from Sicily. Although the Allies failed to put forth a united effort, they …show more content…

During the campaign, General Alexander’s inability to grasp the significance of a German withdrawal echoed the Allies’ lack of understanding at the Casablanca Conference. On the ground, neither LTG Patton’s 7th Army nor Montgomery’s 8th Army understood that the true center of gravity for the campaign lay in defeating the German forces and preventing their withdrawal. Instead, the 7th Army and 8th Army sacked one town after another and got mired in various embattlements, which gave the Germans enough time to withdraw to Italy in significant numbers. This strategic blunder was a direct result of the lack of understanding. Commander’s intent, the second key component of Mission Command, provides subordinate commanders and units with a “clear and concise expression of the purpose of the operation and the desired military end state.” Leaders who understand the commander’s intent can use that information to fill in any gaps in information as those commanders move their units on the battlefield. In doing so, commanders can achieve battlefield synergy when faced with poor communications from higher. The Casablanca Conference left U.S. service members, and their general officers “with an imperfect understanding of the ultimate purpose” of Operation Husky. “This lack of clarity would ultimately have an adverse impact on the resolution of the campaign.” England saw Operation Husky as the first of several peripheral fights that would attack

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