Oppositional Difiance Disorder in Our Students Essay

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Many times in a classroom we as teachers come across students who seem to always be defiant, who seem to do things purposely to bother others, or seem to always blame others for his or her mistakes. Well those students may be showing sings of Oppositional Defiant Disorder or ODD. Oppositional defiant disorders along with conduct disorders are seen to be frequent psychiatric disorders among children. (Matthys, Vanderschuren, Schutterm Lochman, 2012, 235) Between 5 and 15 percent of school aged children have oppositional defiant disorder. It seems to be more common in boys then girls. It is also seen to me more common in urban than in rural areas. (Childrens Mental Health Ontatio, 2014)

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Not only will they have issues learning in a social classroom environment but they also have a hard time making and keeping friends. As children who have ODD tend to strive on annoying people they often cannot keep friends. Many of their classmates do not want to be friends with them as they are constantly bothering them, blaming them for their own mistakes, and tend to act aggressively towards them. (Kids Mental Health , 2009) Another challenge students with ODD face in school would be that they have a hard time following rules, losing their temper, and cursing. When trying to learn in a classroom those are three things that need to be followed. Usually when a student does not comply with the rules, loses their temper, or curses in class they are asked to leave or they get in trouble. A student who spends most of his or her time doing those things would lose a lot of learning time and their for falling behind on their learning. (Salend, Sylvestre, 2005, 32)

As it can be seen by the characteristics of oppositional defiant disorder it can be very difficult to teach students who have ODD. As it takes at least six months of observation before diagnosing ODD, it is important that teachers have strategies to work with students who have ODD. There are many strategies that a teacher can use in the classroom to help. Many of the strategies can be use as whole class learning, and many of them can be integrated seamlessly into their

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