Optimizing The Visibility And Analysis Of Advertising Across A National Footprint

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Optimizing the Visibility and Analysis of Advertising Across a National Footprint
A Business Case
Mary Donohue
June 2015

Abstract Comcast has had significant success in delivering visibility into the availability of future advertising inventory, in the effort to accurately secure advertising contracts and ensure that campaign goals are achieved. In addition, they provide valuable demographic analytics to help sales executives and customers efficiently and efficiently meet their target segment. While the current model has allowed for the delivery of these services, there are a number of inefficiencies and risk associated. This paper provides an overview of Comcast’s value chain, and recommendations on how it may be optimized for …show more content…

The ad that first aired in July 1941 was for Bulova watches, and the results were significant in terms of sales. This pioneering event encouraged other businesses joined in the effort and advertise on television, and things took off from there. In soon time, television advertising became known as being, “a cost effective way of reaching the masses”. Many years later, this trend would continue, and would continue to take up more time during any given hour of programming.
Today, advertising has become a multi-billion dollar business, both with their product endorsement and their capture of audiences. For Comcast, it is estimated that advertising is their second-highest revenue generating business, and it is believed that they are the biggest advertising company in the Nation, if not the world, when it comes to the amount of advertising inventory they manage and the revenue that is generated. This is due to the fact that companies and Networks alike are willing to spend significant amounts of money to advertise, and the revenue at stake, for all involved, is substantial.
Given the cost, and value, of advertising, there has also been an interesting shift in the industry. As mentioned, companies are willing to spend the money necessary to reach their audiences, but at the same time, they do not want to create any waste. In advertising, waste is considered any audience that is not represented in the customer

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