Organic Cotton T-Shirts Advertising Plan Essay

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I. Executive Summary 4 II. Situation Analysis 4 Company (Product/Service) Description 4 SWOT Analysis 5 Strengths 5 Weaknesses 5 Opportunity 5 Threats 6 Industry Analysis 6 Target Market Description 7 Market Segments 7 Market Characteristics 8 Marketing Mix 8 Competitive Analysis 9 III. Advertising Objectives 10 Communication goals 10 Purchasing behavior 10 Positioning 10 IV. Advertising (Creative) Strategy 11 Product Concept 11 Target Audience 11 Communications Media 11 Media Objectives 12 Media Plan 12 Communication Effectiveness 13 Advertising Message 13 V. Testing and Evaluation 13 Advertising Research 13 Effective Measurement 14 VI. References 14 I. Executive Summary The…show more content…
The Company Organic Cotton T-Shirts purchasers will identity themselves as socially responsible, organic, or environmental consumers. The Company advertising will address “green” shoppers that visit stores more frequently, buy more products on each trip, and demonstrate more brand and retailer loyalty. The Company will use the one, clear, consistent integrated marketing communications message of “Eco-Friendly and USA Made.” II. Situation Analysis Company (Product/Service) Description The Company is bringing out a new line of organic cotton t-shirts printed with water-soluble ink. By using organic cotton in our t-shirts, we will build stronger soil through crop rotation and retain more water in the soil. Weeds will be removed physically and natural predators will kill pests, keeping poisons out of the ground, thus reducing a third of a pound of pesticides and fertilizers from being put into the environment. The Company will also use water-based inks for printing on the t-shirts. This will give a more comfortable, vibrant print with a softer feel to the shirt. The screens can be cleaned with just water, and the ink can go down the drain, being no more harmful than mild household cleaning products. Water-based inks are simply not toxic, do not contain lead or any heavy metals, nor do they contain any ozone-depleting chemicals (CFC's, HCFC's, etc.) or volatile solvents. The Company Organic Cotton T-Shirts are made of pre-shrunk 100% certified organic cotton,

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