Organic Farming Can Help Feed The World And Will Help Maintain Soil

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Technically the earth produces enough food for everyone, but the food is not able to reach those who need food. University of California study found that “relatively small, and potentially overestimated, differences in yield between organic and conventional agriculture, despite historically low rates of investment in organic cropping systems. (Berkeley)” Organic agriculture has increased biodiversity. There is an ambition that agriculture can help feed the world and will help maintain soil (Berkeley). A student at Berkeley says, “Increasing that proportion of agriculture that uses sustainable, organic methods of farming is not a choice, it’s a necessity (Kreman).”
There are some things that are bad about organic farming. Three-quarters of what American farmers produce actually goes to feeding our animals, making ethanol, and not the hungry (Morello). Organic farming could produce 40% more food if used in other countries. Organic Farming will produce higher yields such as rice, corn, and wheat. It actually does better than modern agriculture techniques. In countries such as India, Brazil, Kenya, and Guatemala have doubled, almost tripled their yield by using organic farming, mostly because those countries can’t afford or access fertilizer (Morello). Like it was said that some countries can’t afford the fertilizer and pesticides. If agriculture was switched to organic it would be cheaper which could give an economic advantage.
Organic Farming can improve soil fertility and

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