Organization And Management Theories Of Organizations

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Organization and Management Theories
Organizations are a social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet or pursue collective goals. All organizations have management structures that determine the direction of the organization. The importance of an organization in society is substantial and understated as an organization can improvise, test, experiment and invent new strategies and approaches.
Therefore, with an organization being such a prominent factor in society the study of formal organizations has evolved and resulted in organizational theories. As organizations are implemented over time many people experiment with methods, ideology, and practices to determine the best approach to forming a viable organization. These experiments lead to organizational theories that are the study of organizations and their interrelationship with the environment in which they operate. Being that there is a vast array of organizational theories out there, each theory provides a differentiated view of the structure of an organization each with their unique advantages and disadvantages. As the structure of an organization is such a factor within these theories the importance of management is emphasized in order to achieve the objectives and goals defined. Therefore, the value of management has lent itself to its own set of theories that are implemented to help increase organizational productivity and service quality.
This has created an intertwined relationship between the

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