Organizational And Process Change Management

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Organizational and Process Change
Change management is a primary concern of many organizations involved in ERP project implementation. Alpha Enterprises must identify change management, in terms of adopting an ERP system, as activities, processes, and methodologies that support employee understanding and organizational shifts during the implementation of the new ERP system and reengineering initiatives. Change management is a process that helps the management for the implementation of appropriate planned change for the development of the organization. Change management refers to all activities associated with the interaction of technology, processes, and people. Project team and end-user training, the understanding of new processes, communications, and job redesign are some of the main activities that comprise a change management strategy. (Al-Shamlan, Al-Mudimigh; 2011)
Alpha Enterprises understands that implementing an ERP system may force the reengineering of key business processes and/or developing new business processes to support the organizations goals. Also, ERP implementation requires a massive change in an organization’s structure and affects the way people use to do work and interact. Alpha Enterprises must carefully plan a transformation that is based on adequate strategy and well defined methodology and processes of implementation. The resulting changes may significantly affect organizational structures, policies, processes, and employees.
Alpha Enterprises has
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