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Organizational Communications
Organizational pollution is the process by which tasks and activities of a company or an organization are collected and coordinated in such a way that it will enhance the attainment of goals the collective group and an individual (Katherine Miller. 1999). It’s a component of effective management in a working environment. Organizational communication is a field of its own whereby it considers, analyzes, and criticizes on the role and responsibility of communication from an organizational context. The sharing of information from an organizational context remains a critical and vital tool when trying to formulate and maintain a competitive edge (Katherine Miller. 1999). Organizational communication enables an organization to analyze why it exists, what it stands for, the line of authority within, how work is done and completed, who its target or potential customers are, among other factors. Organizational communication is the glue that holds operations together while portraying everything in a clear way.
Communication takes two forms through which businesses and organizations are concerned with: Internal organizational communication – enables flow of information within the members of an organization (Linda Putnam; Kathleen J Krone; 2006). Depending on the company’s organizational structure, culture, and chain of command, the flow can either be upward, downward, horizontal, or take any other form as the company deems fit. External communication -

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