Organizational Development and Employee Relations

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With the constant ongoing evolutions in the current corporate scenario issues related to employee motivation, hierarchal levels, delegation of responsibility and decentralization of the organizational sectors have attracted a great deal of debate from various circles of the management sciences discipline (Collins, 1997).

History of Industrial Relations The evolution of the discipline of Human Resource Management led to the emergence of the term Industrial Relations. Industrial Relations are a broad term that that encompasses and defines various parameters and dynamics of relationships between the employees and the employers. The term emerged during Industrial Relations when capitalism picked up and economic systems inclined towards the free market economy systems. This meant that the value of labor market was now also directly related to the forces of demand and supply. A labor market operating under free market systems forced employers to consider the importance of employees in their organizations. The term however was introduced in the mainstream management circles in 1920 when John Commons introduced an Industrial Relations program at the University of Wisconsin. Gradually chairs for the respective disciplines were set up at major universities around the world including Cambridge and Oxford.…
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