Organizational Goals And Actions Can Affect The Outlook Of Personnel At Various Companies

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Organizational goals and actions can affect the outlook of personnel at various companies. With given to limit bandwidth utilization, possible leakage of operational information, blanket policies are often instated which stop most if not all contact with the outside world and can greatly decrease morale. For the people who do have access to services the many programs, sites, and protocols are often also limited access. Within a ship or military command system there is most of the time a bartering network established, especially at underway times, to increase morale and individuals’ personal resources. This can lead to raise privileges, increased hours of operation, and access to unapproved sites or programs in return for services such as …show more content…

The Rights and responsibilities ethical theory is most of the time abandoned. Those who perform in these gray area tasks to assist others, and themselves, do so in a way considering operational risk to the greater good as a whole and do not wish to cause any issues to the command, personnel, or the mission in any way. This does not, necessarily, mean that the actions taken could not be harmful or that they socially granted.
System Administrators need to understand their companies’ code of conduct, whether stated or published, along with copy right laws. The SYS ADMIN Code of Ethics covers: Professionalism, Personal Integrity, Privacy, Laws and Policies, Communication, System Integrity, Education, Computing Responsibility, Social Responsibility, and Ethical Responsibility as covered by LOPSA (2006), “Professionalism: I will maintain professional conduct in the organization, and will not enter personal feelings or beliefs to cause me to treat people unprofessionally. Personal Integrity: I will be honest in my professional duties, and forthcoming about my competence and the impact of my mistakes. I will find assistance from others when necessary. I will try to neglect conflicts of interest and biases whenever possible. When my advice is sought, if I have an issue of interest or bias, I will declare it if appropriate, and recues myself if necessary. Privacy: I will access private data

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