Organizational Image : An Organization

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Presumably, if we had a detailed knowledge of what most employees are looking for in an employer, we could design and build organizations in ways that made them more attractive to the majority of potential employees. This would certainly make recruiting much less difficult. Unfortunately, this is the real world, there has been little work examining universal attractants of applicants on which to base this type of approach. Employee attraction is extraordinary complex, and what might be attractive to one person might prove to be highly unattractive to another. What organizational characteristics are desired by job applicants? Organization characteristics such as organizational image, location, size, familiarity, reputation, industry, and profitability have all been shown to have significant influence during the recruitment process. In reviewing the literature, organizational image is the variable containing the greatest number of relevant effect size estimates for organizational characteristics. This is probably because organizational image can encompass individual perceptions related to various organizational characteristics simultaneously. Organizational image is defined as the way the organization is perceived by an individual. It is a loose structure of knowledge, belief and feelings about an organization” (Tom, 1971, p. 576) According to Dose and Teece (1993), the firm is based on specific competencies to coordinate activities and learn about new activities in

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