Organizational Leadership, Managing People And Strategic Planning

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not only do you need to be a good team leader but the knowledge and skills are needed to manage a business. Having a higher degree in this major makes your possibilities to move, up higher in a position.
You can get an associates degree in business, but if you can get a; bachelor’s degree in business. It will advance your knowledge with skills of organizational leadership, managing people and strategic planning. ( As well as it looks better for applying to jobs to have a bachelor’s degree. Most people will continue their education by earning a master in Business Administration. It is a respected advanced degree and it shows how committed someone is to leading in that field. Obtaining a master will usually take an extra year or …show more content…

That is a very good salary to make a year, for someone who just got their first job or have been working for a long time. But a salary for a sales manager can range from $53,000 to $190,000 a year ( Since 2006 the average salary for a sales manager has been rising ( Being a sales manager is one of the best jobs you can be in if you want to work in the field of sales and marketing. The best paying cities for sales managers are New York City, Connecticut, California and Texas. The growth of sales managers is supposed to increase by 6% in the next 10 years.
When deciding to become a sales manager, there is a lot they do each day. They have a lot of responsibilities and it can be very stressful every day. Sales managers are like owners of a company but they don’t own it. Sales manager have to hire and train new people as well as fire people as well. The life of a sales manager will, be mostly in an office or traveling around to different places. Sales managers also have to take care of multiple teams or even multiple stores and make sure they are getting their goals as well as getting a lot of customers. They have to prepare the budget, decide discounts, check the online traffic to the website as well as make sales. They should be very organized because sales managers have a lot of planning and managing. Sales managers are also coaches they must make sure everyone is meeting sales goals, helping customer’s needs, help

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